Thursday, April 11, 2013

Getting ready for the Dark 100 Miles of Nowhere, my brother (the troll) and I scouted the Lake Woebegone Trail in central Minnesota last November.  During hunting season.  Which was dumb.

Though we did not get mistaken for deer, we did see many hunting parties tromping the woods, meadows and marshes along the trail.  As we rode along, we wondered why the winter gates were all closed, forcing us to dismount and walk around two gates each time the trail crossed a road.  When we started seeing the hunters, we figured out the trail was probably closed... for our safety.

We lived to ride another day!  In another post, I'll shed light on the story of the Dark 100 Miles of Nowhere, coming up on May31-June 1 2013.

Graphic for the front of our t-shirts. We got these shirts from the incomparable cycling apparel company, TwinSix and added some sleeve art that is highly secret and quite awesome.

My brother, Del the Troll Bakkum, along the Woebegone trail.  Note, it is not dark out.  It will be when we ride the Dark 100 Miles of Nowhere.

I am the Troll's much younger sister. Yes, I wear a dork mirror when I ride.


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